This piano was made of scraps of a square iron profile that I welded to each other, and then I cut the shape of the piano with Brenner's help. The wing here is the excess part created as a result of the cut. On his face work quickly and effortlessly on my part. The piano is relatively easy and easily carried by a person, which makes it Umm al-Fahm, the connection I created between it and the water heater, and every Arab village / city that I enter has water tanks on the rooftops, unlike the solar boilers in the Jewish sector. I personally contacted the number of residents of the city of Umm al-Fahm, especially with Said Abu Shakra, the director and founder of the gallery in the city, and I dedicate this sculpture as a token of respect for the city and its residents. To play the piano as an important cultivator, I had a piano in my house and taught the children with piano teachers to play it God was very important to me.


Diameter - 50 cm
Height - 120 cm
Weight - 15 kg

Um El Fachem



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