This is one of the first pianos I created. I wanted him to be tall so I hooked up in the belly of the piano Iron 10 cm thick 10 mm thick is a heavy and very heavy iron. At the bottom I attached a heavy square steel plate to support the statue. My connection to Dorchin is long, and the meetings between us take place either in my studio or in his home. I debated how to create the pianist. I had a piece of iron in the studio in the form of a full triangular rod and also a full round rod. I connected the two together and the keyboard. I got two things one, a simple pianist, two angel shape. The angel in Dorchin's works is very dominant and appears in many of his sculptures abstractly amorphous and in all his works, drawing and print. Dorchin in his sculptural work connects the mother of iron as a substance whose dominant characteristic is the weight and size of the iron. It is a very large body of solid iron. So that some of his sculptures pass the 20 tons. Professor Yaakov Dorchin is also the 2011 Israel Prize laureate.


40X40 cm
Weight - 15 kg

Tribute to Dorchin



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