Here, too, the piano without legs had a round shape that could be considered a saddle between mountains and a saddle of a horse. In the wonderful sculptures of Marino Marini has the horse and rider as the main axis in his work over the years. In one of his many sculptures there is the exhausted horse with no strength ripping on his front knees just before he dies. A knight in a desperate attempt tries to tilt his body back to make it easier for the horse to return to its position and prevent the total collapse. In my work the piano is like a horse and the pianist is like a rider with Marini. My pianist is on the edge of the podium and the pianist's back position pulls the center of gravity back, preventing the piano from falling to the floor with the pianist, and the pianist can not prevent the fall.


60X40 cm
Height - 100 cm
Weight - 50 kg

Tribute to Marino Marini



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