This is my only sculpture that I tried to create a sound, which can be caused by the spirit or by the hands of the viewer, on the one hand creating the volume of the piano body and on the other hand the sound created by the encounter between the apples at the end of the chain. In some of the holes, I inserted a screw with a round head to create a connection with nittim, which adds to my opinion a beautiful and interesting decoration, and in the rest of the holes I inserted a round iron that entered precisely into the holes and with a special bend at a special angle. With the help of an iron rod, Sliding from right to left on the railings round. This statue is mainly attracted to children because of the possibility of playing the child with the chains. Along with the experience created by the hand smoothing on the chains.


80X30 cm
Height - 110 cm
Weight - 50 kg

Gust of wind Melody



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