This is one of many of my sculptures that I created as a self portrait. The head is made of 5 mm layers of tin that is cut by my portrait and rotates back to create my face with iron, the process is long and exhausting, the result is very impressive but not necessarily very similar to the original. And were cut in the form of a grand piano, wing and legs were welded later on. The finished work consists of three square profiles 25X25 cm The fourth profile is cut as a triangle The lower part is closed on all sides as a cube The two in the center contain the two pianos and the back has a round iron mesh designed to protect them The head is welded to the upper triangle This can be considered both a neck and an architectural structure It is very exciting that this combination of the two identical pianos in their own cell, together with the head above, also transmits music and the place of the person at the top of the pyramid, which is now in the Umm el Fahm gallery on a long-standing loan.

A man with two pianos



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