This is my only sculpture painted in black and white by professional painting. This statue was at first a different variant. I created a sort of iron canopy that closed it inside a compound, creating a sense of a shrine that Diabed did not suit me. The lower part of the podium is decorated with decorative elements, which attracts the viewer's eye and creates splendor and splendor. The white painted piano is closest to the structure of a grand piano. The piano's feet are very high and it enabled me in the space created under the belly of the piano to insert my head, which I made from a plaster mold and a cast of polyurethane foam. It connects me with Brancusi at the beginning of the century and twenty created a marble head and placed it on a cushion. It was then considered a breakthrough in the annals of art. As an artist I always felt myself as part of the artists who create art and belong to them. I'm not painting my sculptures and I leave them in their natural color is iron and rust color. But here I had a new black-white experience with Brancusi. It's a different language and I do not usually speak it but there are people who do speak it and it's aimed at them.


50X50 cm
Height - 140 cm
Weight - 50 kg

Tribute to Brâncuşi



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