Here the piano was built as part of the podium. The podium on which the sculpture is placed becomes the statue itself. The shape is of a piano, with a wing having a figure. There is a lot of movement in this statue, and the character flies in the sky like a bird floating all over the room. She does not get mad and for a moment she does not rest. The pianist who plays music returns the image of an angel. Here, too, the podium is decorated with decorative elements. My connection to Chagall is in a figure hovering in the sky with the help of Brenner I cut it from the wing and bent it out and closed back the place where the figure came out. It would not look like Nir cutouts. In the famous painting of the young Chagall who is infatuated with his wife, he surrounds her lovingly with a bouquet of flowers in his hand as he hovers over her in the sky. This is a classic love story larger than life of a young man who is in love with his artistically painted girl. I really loved this painting and here I made a sculpture as a tribute to Chagall's great love for his lover.


40X40 cm
Height - 120 cm

Tribute to Marc Chagall



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