This statue aspires to reach the sky and rises to a height of more than 4 meters. Along the ladder are four water pipes, 20 cm thick, 10 mm thick, and four piano-like structures with equal lengths of iron, which have four-cm diameter round iron bars that can be considered as piano legs and equally spaced. In addition, each of these two pairs is made up of two pairs of halves, and when I put them together, 2 hearts are created, and when I add the keys, a piano is created in front of them, although the body of each one does not have the classical shape of a grand piano. On the floor, fill with concrete to add weight from the bottom to strengthen its stability From big and strong and he laid all the "steps" pipeline piano pipe. Connection Jacob's Ladder comes when you lie down at his feet turning your gaze to the top of the statue and the first feeling you feel. It's head sculpture in the sky. Like Jacob's dream. Stories of the Bible is very exciting to me. Jacob escapes from his twin brothers on his way to Laban and at night he dreams the dream in which God reassures him that he will take care of him and assures him that he will grow up to be my father...


40 x 40 cm, height 360 cm
Weight - 150 kg

Jacob's ladder



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