The sculpture was created using the warp method. I created here a human figure (woman) who is welded to a large iron plate that supports her not to fall. Throughout the time I worked on her, I had heard the opera Janova by Januszczak. From beginning to end and back again. This opera got into my bones. So I decided to call the statue Yanopa. As a result of this, I added her hands around her dead baby in front of her, after she was removed from the water without a life. Yanopa weeps for her dead baby born out of wedlock at this time of the end of the 18th century is doomed. The work on the sculpture was difficult and challenging. I encountered quite a few difficulties that required solutions. In the end, the finished sculpture is very impressive and beautiful


50X60 cm
Height - 220 cm
Weight - 70 kg

Yanopa janufa



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