A large statue built of three elements and connected to the Jewish world and the holy Torah of Israel. In the first war that the Israelites are forced to fight, it is against the Amalekites, after leaving Egypt to receive the Torah and turn it into a people. The tactic was that as long as Moshe's hands were raised above Bnei Yisroel were victorious. And when Moses' hands were taken down to the tribe of the Israelites, they were defeated. And so the Israelites won their first war as a people and an army of warriors. Each of the characters has a small piano in the body. The body is made of pieces of round iron pipe, 10mm thick wall thickness, which can be set together to stand at a height of 2 meters, and Moses is the highest with a head of hollow iron, and Moses was connected all the time and this was the antenna through which he communicated with God. He also has an antenna that connects him to God and Moses, and some of his face is reminiscent of the priestly symbol that was used in Egypt during Pharaoh's time, and the mouth I made for him is very significant in the relations between the brothers Moshe and Aharon. As if he were singing, Moses hears the Word of God, and Aaron speaks with the people: He is one of the presidents of the tribes of Israel, the son of Miriam, the sister of Moses Aaron has cousins, the Levi family, the hole has a tiara for his head and the piano, and he is part of the entourage that surrounds Moshe, and some of my sculptures are taken from the Bible. I try to understand that I have the text to build a figure and form. I understand that the fact that I am a Jew has a part in it.


iron. Height 2 meters. Stand apart

Moses Aron and Hur going up the hill



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