The piano body is a 40x20 cm profile and is especially long beyond the classical dimensions of a classical grand piano, and it is all suited to the lying of a person lying on it, the figure can be considered: the pianist, the composer, or the spectator.When you lie on a particular body, The same body came from a place of love and a sense of security, while working on the man and connecting all the elements that make up the man, he got a deviation from the original and slowly he became an ant, an ant who ended his way in this world, but his connection to the piano is eternal. The wingless piano with minimal piano structure apart from the keyboard and overall shape can also be considered as any body Engineering holds himself like a statue. The statue's feet are very small relative to the body are long and slender reminder feet of ballerinas ballerinas. Nothing strengthens it, this tip lower legs done by connecting the plow blade cultivating. This sculpture is now in the Umm el-Fahm gallery on a long-standing loan

The Piano Ant Man



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