This statue is very, very heavy even though it does not create any sense of gravity at first sight. The head made of the same technique as all the heads from which I made them. Layers of tin 5 mm thick cut by my portrait and then welded together again and created the complete and finished head From the head dangles down the body that is built in the same way Layers of tin thickness 5 mm which is supposed to be the penniless body of the pianist is devoid of limbs as a piece of meat. In life there can not and can not be such a situation of a dependent human body on a thread that, after a few hours, begins to rot and stink. In sculpture you can hint at it. Between the head and the mass of meat is a plate composed of 12 squares of iron equal in size 15 x 15 cm and 12 mm in the shape of a grand piano. There is no body with a pianist volume, only the palette and the hint of the keys. The feet are made of a round iron bar with a diameter of 50 mm, which is also very heavy, adding extra weight to this very heavy statue, which describes the human suffering and futility of today's world, and in the not too distant future. This wonderful thing is to convey to the viewer the lack of response and the absence of man


Iron plasma cutting and welding
40 x 60 cm, height - 80 cm
Weight - 70 kg

Self Portrait as a Tortured Pianist



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