The statue was built from the very beginning as the Holy Ark. A rectangular structure on all sides, 40 x 40 cm in height, decorated with decorative elements, on top of the ark, the pianist symbolizes the Western culture in all its shades, including the Ten Commandments that were placed in the Holy Ark. "Cut in the form of a classical grand piano. The piece that was cut off from the block by cutting it I added later just above the missing place, which actually creates the wing. This structure is also the wing but in addition it is also a large block of iron that functions as a statue of Penny itself. The tablets of the Law that Moses descended from Mount Sinai are also unprocessed lumps of raw stone, similar to the crude raw iron from which the piano was created. I tried not to touch it or change its finish, just adding my legs. This is a very powerful statue and I have a very emotional connection to it so I priced it very high. It is designed to stand inside a house. His measurements are not big but his presence is enormous.


40X40 cm
Height - 120 cm

The holy ark



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