The statue is not big, the first borsia where I exhibited the statue was hanging on the wall. This is the second varia I built around the piano, which is made of the warp method, like a tin box made of thin tin thickness of 2 mm, and I tried to fold the tin according to the shape of the piano. The spaces created as a result of the weaving of the iron and the strong light projected from the inside create on the wall, and a spectacular spectacle of light rises to the eye. Of course the room should be dark. As in the story of Moses and the bush that burned and did not fail. Here, too, the light is forever. An interior sculpture that must have a wall in the back and ceiling that otherwise all the effect of lighting is not reflected.


iron + colorful led lighting
Diameter - 40 cm
Height - 110 cm
Weight - 30 kg

The Burning Bush



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