A large sculpture consists of four figures built in the warp and warp style. Flat width 7 cm thickness 5 mm and variable length. The thicker the iron, the more flat the sculptor is, and there is almost no flexibility of the flat. Therefore the thought of the sculpture must be on the basis that it is very difficult to bring it into shape and weaving will be very, very difficult. The final shape of the sculpture will fit the work within the limitations of the material, 1 lack of flexibility 2 difficulty in weaving 3 almost no ability to bend after weaving the sculpture. So you have to think of simple shapes so that the statue can be made. On the other hand, there are huge advantages in that the flat dimensions become larger both width and thickness. 1 The strength of the sculpture is important that no flexibility be allowed. The statue is safe and can stand outside in a public park if all that implies. This sculpture is composed of four figures of the same size and almost the same shape. The statues stand upright and what supports them stand and not collapse. This is the connection by welding at the points of the ends of the hands. In every culture there is the ritual of fertility, especially among women who have difficulty having children. Their desire to have children is so strong and uncontrollable that they are willing to do almost anything to conceive and become mothers. The cult of fertility includes stormy dancing in circles for women only. Singing at the level of shouting. Traveling to holy graves and flattening them. It also includes ritual mantras of words that repeat themselves insanely, and of course the permissibility of vows. And all this is just for women, men just are not there. This is my circle 4 women altar one child on the back of one of the mothers and a lot of secrets that no one is forbidden to know. Is a sculpture that is suitable to be outside, but not in a public place and of course in a large inner space like a museum. Or any other abode of nationalism.


Weight 200 Kg

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The fertility ritual circuit my newest sculpture



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