The sculpture was created by the method I developed and I was the first to sculpt it. Crisscross namely weaving in iron like a loom for carpeting. The flat iron I used is 5 cm wide and 3 mm in variable length thickness. With a mold made especially for me, I pressed the flat to a certain shape that made it possible for me to weave the iron like a carpet. What is amazing about this construction or technique is that after the flat slips into place it is locked in a way that can not be released. And it is beautiful that all connections can be made without the need for welding. This work is iconic it looks like the crucifix but in the chest area there are two elements that are reminiscent of a woman's breasts which means Jesus was a woman. The statue is almost two-dimensional hanging on the wall, inside a house or any interior space.


height - 200 cm

weight - 50 kg




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